Hey there!

My name is Aimee, and welcome to my website!  I decided to make this website because I have a hodgepodge of a brain and thought that I might as well showcase its hodgepodgeness on the internet.

I have always had passions for writing, photography, and videography, so I thought it would be a good idea to combine these passions to create a platform to give tips, ponder, and self-reflect on different subjects that I (and hopefully others) find interesting or important.

After watching countless videos (tutorials, hauls, and reviews), exploring different blogs, and testing out old and new products on the market, I am confident in saying that I have adopted an extensive makeup lexicon and formed reliable opinions about beauty products and techniques.

In flipping through magazines and observing trends in unique places and of different time periods, I have developed an undeniable interest in all types of fashion.

I am a perpetually hungry human, and, in effect, I love grubbing on all kinds of food.  I have been lucky to eat cuisines of many different cultures, in different restaurants and home kitchens.

I love exploring my own city, Los Angeles, and other destinations, resulting in my passion for traveling and soaking in the diverse cultures and environments of the world.

I am a rather contemplative person and have a tendency to internally reflect upon my own experiences, social trends, and current events.

I aim to share my tips, thoughts, and experiences regarding beauty, fashion, food, travel, and the broader world on this website, in hopes that readers can connect with the content and develop their own perspectives.

I am excited to spill out my mind and heart into this blog, and I hope you, who is reading this, is excited too.

Here’s to my blogging journey!

Wish me luck,

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