2016 in 16 Videos

Not only do I love taking photos.  I love taking videos too, probably because they capture the sounds, movements, and sights of events.  Sometimes I edit more creative or planned videos, like the ones linked here:

The Whisper Challenge with Rachelle and Claire xD

My San Francisco travel diary with Claire and Claire

My beach day video with Rachelle

The Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge (GONE WRONG!) with Rachelle, Claire, and Claire

Another Whisper Challenge + Claire C.!

And lastly, my Europe travel diary.

I also recorded more casual videos, mostly on my iPhone, to record more candid memories.

Here are 16 (casual) videos to sum up my 2016:


1.  When Claire and I aced our flip in our choreography for our high school dance performance.  WOoooOOO 😉


2.  Opening our Song assembly performance with our tradition of chanting C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G Song SONG


3.  Doing a “class dab” in physics


4.  Claire and I backstage during Dancetra #VOGUE


5.  Revealing that I was Claire’s “secret buddy,” even though she already knew :/


6.  Prom pictures with my besties 🙂


7.  Jumping with joy (hAhAhA) becoming “Prometheans” with my 3 best friends


8.  Senior Prank Day when my classmates parked their cars on the quad lol


9.  Throwing our grad caps in honor of a new chapter in our lives!


10.  Visiting Claire at work; she was so happy to see us!!!



11.  My low-key 😉 birthday/grad party


12.  The time when I accidentally left the heater on in the pool, so it was over 90 degrees on a 100 degree day!  #smartaimee


13.  My 18th birthday cake, which was an ice box cake from Lark Bakery (SOOO YUMMY)


14.  Finally being reunited with Rachelle at Johns Hopkins!


15.  Being reunited with Claire in NYC!


16.  Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister’s house!  Loved being back with my phamily :’)

I hope you liked my 16 videos—some being pretty dumb, and others extremely bittersweet!

Thanks for watching,

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